Hotel initiative gives guests the chance to overstay for free

One aspect of staying at a hotel that can add to the stress of a holiday is having to check out at a time specified. While Your24 has already offered one solution, allowing guests to stipulate what time they leave upon booking, Art Series Hotels is going one step further with its Overstay Checkout campaign, which will enable customers to keep the room for as long as they want if no-one is due to check in.

Guests booking a room at one of the Australian hospitality company’s three hotels between 16 December this year and 13 January 2013 can request an Overstay Checkout on the morning they are due to leave. The hotel will then check to see when the next customers will be arriving and work out the latest time the stay can be extended to – which could be a few extra hours or a day later. This service will be offered to the first guests each day who request the service and will come at no extra cost to customers. There is also no limit to the number of times an Overstay Checkout can be requested, meaning that it is possible to stay many free nights in a row.

The campaign makes guests’ stays more relaxing by offering flexibility, increasing the chances they will choose the hotel again. How else can hotels treat their customer base?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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