How to Find Hot Topics to Blog About

If you currently have a web site or blog that you update often with content then there is a good chance that you sometimes have a lack of topics to blog about.

Fortunately this isn’t just you and it happens to everyone. This is commonly known as “writers block”.

Sometimes we simply can’t think of what to write about or are not in “the zone”.

For times like these we can rely on news web sites, search engines and even keyword research software.

Google Trends

Search engines like Google offer “Google Trends” to anyone who is interested in finding what people are searching for in the search engines. Another site called Alexa ranks the top web sites in the world and what sites are ranking for specific keywords as well as their ranking in terms of all web sites in the world.

How to Find Hot Topics to Blog About image Google Trends for Writing IdeasHow to Find Hot Topics to Blog About

News Web Sites

News web sites are another excellent source for finding hot topics to write about. Visit any popular news web site like HuffingtonPost, Fox News or your favorite local news site and perform a search for your niche keyword and you will be shown a ton of relevant articles. You can use any popular TV news web sites to get some great ideas to write new content for your blog.

How to Find Hot Topics to Blog About image Huffington PostHow to Find Hot Topics to Blog About

Keyword Software

Lastly keyword software is definitely your friend when looking to build out your content and search engine rankings. Not all keywords are the same and depending on which you focus on you can rank higher or lower in the search results. It’s better for you to go after long tail keywords than generic keywords as they have much less competition and will send you more targeted traffic. When it comes to using keyword software, you can go premium or free. An example of a free solution is Google Keyword Tool and a paid solution is Long Tail Pro software.

How to Find Hot Topics to Blog About image Long Tail Pro InsuranceHow to Find Hot Topics to Blog About

Never Suffer with Writer’s Block Again!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to for you to research your content niche, then come up with new ideas and what people are currently talking about the news and world today. With these ideas you should never have to fight against writers block again. There is so much going on in the world and social networks are making the process even easier. If you need to come up with ideas and feedback, be sure to send out some Tweets and status updates on Facebook for even more ideas.

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