Honda Plus Instagram and 3 Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s interesting to see how marketers and companies use content, including video, to spark interest in their target audience. In this Marketing Mashup video Alex Ferguson, from Your Local Studio, highlights the experience Lexus created to try something unique, and then moves on and comments on a post by Jeff Bullas, a marketing focused blogger, author, strategist and speaker. Take a look:

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Lexus Instafilm

Lexus engaged a community of 212 Instagram users, to make a creative video with 360 Instagram photos, styled by each individual user, then edited together with a stop-animation feel. It was a unique experience, for Lexus, their agency, and the Instagram users. Take a look at the video and commentary by

The hope and intent, we believe, was for the video to go viral – just consider the scope of the project with all the individuals as dedicated Instagram users, and the convergence of offline and online. The buzz about the project was promising, however the video received mixed reviews and not the desired 100,000+ viral surge desired, as of yet. Watching the video, it seemed like the participants were hyped to be a part of this ground breaking, and energetic experience. Definitely the detail involved in the execution was immense.

Watch the Lexus Instafilm. Was the video original enough? If you were the company or agency, what would your expectations have been?

Marketing Trends

And then the article, “7 Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore” which Jeff Bullas wrote. His 7 trends were:

1. Content Marketing

2. Mobile Marketing

3. Integrated Digital Marketing

4. Social Media at Scale Marketing

5. Continuous Marketing

6. Personalized Marketing

7. Visual Marketing

In the video Alex highlighted his three favorites:

#7 Visual Marketing:

Tools like Vine and Instagram video have marketers scrambling and reaching for new creative highs. Just think about Lexus’ community Instagram video, or Honda’s “Vine” day. Honda’s Vine Day ties into Jeff Bullas’ marketing trend #5.

#5 Continuous Marketing:

Continuous marketing is a tough act to pull off well. It sits in the balance of not too much, but not too little. Every audience has their sweet spot, and knowing what works for your audience, is key. How to know? BoostSuite users say it’s a tool for small business to gauge what works, what needs to be added, and it’s easy to implement the suggestions. In his article, Jeff Bullas states that “Google hates silence”. Being relentless, yet targeted, saves you from becoming lost in the web noise. Honda pushed out a whole bunch of Vine videos in a short amount of time, however the ultimate challenge for them is to do something similar on a regular basis. I wonder what tool they’re using to measure their effectiveness?

#1 Content Marketing:

This is where all the other points come together – if you’re not creating regular, visually stimulating, original content that can engage, educate, and entertain your audience, and even more, keep you at the top of Google…why aren’t you? Do you know your audience? Create for them. Test your content.

Once you’ve created your content, try out BoostSuite to optimize your site or blog so you make sure you’re actually found online.

What Have You Tried?

Have you created any online videos? Are you curious on how a Vine video campaign or Instagram video would add to your content stream? Leave a comment with your ideas or a link to your videos. Let’s share what’s new!

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