A Holiday Tech Gift Guide for 2013

    By Sarah Beth Wiltse | Small Business

    A Holiday Tech Gift Guide for 2013 image santa hat and money1A Holiday Tech Gift Guide for 2013Each year, everyone is looking for the gift-giving trend that will dominate the holiday season. This year, Experian unsurprisingly reported that tech gadgets are expected to be the gift of the year. Gadgets such as the Xbox One, the iPhone 5S, and the Kindle Fire HD were near the top of the list. I’m going to skip over some of these more familiar options in an attempt to highlight some of the more unique offerings for 2013. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options for the gadget junkie in your life!

    On the Domestic Side

    This year, there are number of intriguing gadgets that can be used around the house, including:

    • Monsieur, the robotic bartender. Admittedly, this is probably the most futuristic and impractical gift on this list, but how cool would it be to have a robotic bartender? Monsieur got its start on Kickstarter and is now ready to serve you the perfect drink whenever you want.

    • WeMo Home Automation. On a more practical but still awesome note, this home automation system allows you to plug just about anything into the WeMo switch so that you can control it via an app.

    • A wireless smartphone photo printer. This printer can easily connect with just about any smartphone or tablet in order to print out high quality photographs in less than a minute.

    Gadgets for Travelers

    You can always find a fun new gadget that can be useful to someone who is always on the go. This year is no exception:

    • The Chargecard. This one is small enough that you could use it as a stocking stuffer, but it sure is useful! The size of a credit card, this gadget can morph into a charging cable for just about any device, including your smart phone, tablet, and GPS.

    • Cufflinks that are more than just cufflinks. These innovative cufflinks serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as 2GB USB drive. Basically, they’re the perfect combination of style and function.


    Let’s face it – what just about everyone secretly wants for Christmas this year is a new smart device. This year, there is a wider selection than ever thanks to the recent release of several smart-watches:

    • The Samsung Galaxy Gear. Designed to be used with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear offers a wide selection of functions and apps. Although the Galaxy Gear is fascinating simply because of the novelty of the technology, it is also significant to SEOs because it signifies the growing importance of voice search.

    • The Cookoo Connected Watch. This simpler version of a smart-watch can be connected to iPhones in order to receive alerts about calls, texts, or social media notifications.

    What tech gadget are you hoping to get for Christmas? Which gadgets do you think will be the most popular gifts this year?

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