Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get Your Staff

By John Brandon | Small Business

Scrounging around for holiday gift ideas? Look no further. Here are seven things your employees will actually want to keep.

Scrounging around for holiday gift ideas? Look no further. Here are seven things your employees will actually want to keep.--John Brandon

Available in a pocket size and notebook size (for $29.99), this Moleskin pad uses either lined or "squared" pages. Using the Evernote Camera App, you can snap a photo of the page and transfer the notes as searchable text to the app (iPhone or Android). Price includes a three-month subscription to Evernote Premium.

You don’t really want to know what is in an ordinary glass of tap water. And even if you use one of those water machines at the office, bacteria can build up on the dispenser. This water bottle uses a filter on the bottle itself that removes most contaminants like chlorine and chloramine.

Nothing says “thanks for being an awesome employee” like a bottle of wine. imports cava sparkling wines from the Sant Sadurni d'Anoia region near Barcelona. This blend, aged on lees for about three years, comes from hand-picked grapes and vinified from nine different wines.

A bit pricey but built for a lifetime of use, this high-end writing instrument uses a “smart glide” tip that adjusts to your writing style. The grip has a texturized rubber finish, and there is a gold finish on the arrow and tip. Bonus: The pen comes in a stylish gift box. Refill cartridges cost $8 each.

This set of four gift boxes, meant to hang on a tree, includes four cookies in each box. They’re caramelized crisps, originally served on Delta airlines as a coffee accoutrement. To buy them in bulk, there’s also an eight-box set available at for $36.95.

Minnesota-based Marbles Brain Store makes games that improve gray matter. Studies show that learning how to juggle can improve brain cell activity in one week. This kit includes three scarfs for practicing and three heavier balls, plus a training DVD and a handy tote.

This eclectic mix of fruits and nuts comes in a few different sizes to fit your budget. There are mini packs with five or eight pieces of fruit all the way up to a bountiful 36-piece pack with four bags of nuts. There’s also an organic veggie case with avocados, garlic, sweet potatoes, and kale. Read more: 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Hot Tech Toys

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