Health Drinks For A Slimmer You

Tired of sweating out at a gym without any results? Is there something that you are missing? Health drinks could be the answer. And no, we do not mean artificially synthesized protein shakes. Natural drinks that will make people go wow the next time you meet them could be what you need to part ways with those stubborn love handles, bingo wings and all those fat warehouses.

Now drink your way to a slim and sexy body with these superdrinks!

Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenols that fuel the metabolism, aiding in weight loss. Apart from weight loss and preventing fat accumulation, this magic potion has myriad other benefits. It regulates the insulin levels in the body and prevents diabetes, stave off wrinkles and counters skin aging, maintain cholesterol levels and keep the heart healthy, has anti viral and anti bacterial properties, fight tooth decay and protects against many cancers. Phew! Isn't that something you should be drinking every day?

How much is good enough

Even though the verdict on the quantity of green tea that will suffice an average person's daily requirements isn't out yet- some proponents even say that 10 cups must be had- it is safe to assume that 2 or 3 cups a day would be a good beginning.

Is it safe for everybody?

No, it's not safe for everybody. There is no denying that green tea has the midas touch that can transform you into a healthier and slimmer person, but it isn't for everybody.

Pregnant women and those trying for a baby must refrain from drinking green tea as it contains tannin that hinders the absorption of folic acid-a vitamin essential for preventing birth defects in the growing fetus.

Also, individuals sensitive to caffeine or suffering from insomnia should limit their green tea consumption to not more than two times a day. 

What is the best time for drinking tea?

Accompanying green tea with meals isn't the ideal way to have it, since it might interfere with iron absorption. Other than during meals, green tea can be had at any other time.

Coconut water

A rich source of nutrients and vitamins and low on fat, coconut water is a refreshing alternative to sports drinks and the high on sugary colas (a sure shot way to pile on pounds). The potassium content in coconut water is more than that of 4 bananas. And with its zero cholesterol and fat, weight watchers can rely on its goodness to successfully sail through their weight loss regime.

Instead of guzzling down the good-for-nothing frizzy drinks (of course, apart from coming handy as a toilet cleaner), beat the summer heat with coconut water and say goodbye to those extra kilos.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice offers mega benefits for your health and well being. It has relatively low sugar content (as compared to fruit juices) and contains the goodness of many vegetables, making it the perfect drink to supplement your breakfast. A study validated the role of vegetable juice in aiding weight loss. Adults who consumed at least 8 ounces of vegetable juice over a period of 12 weeks lost 3 pounds more in comparison to those who had none at all. Apart from helping dieters lose weight, it also replenishes the vitamin C and potassium required for the body, along with decreasing carbohydrate intake. It also significantly pulls down your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. It's a win-win all the way!

Chocolate shake (made from skimmed milk)

Chocolate shake and weight loss? No we're not kidding. Look what researchers from the U.S found out- despite the fact that chocolate contains more calories than many other foods, people who ate chocolate on a regular basis had less body fat than those who did not, all thanks to the not so normal calories present in it. The calories present in chocolate seem to function in a way that is radically different than most calories- they spur the metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat. In addition, chocolate keeps the gut satisfied for a long time, preventing food cravings to show up time and again and throw your weight loss plans into disarray.

Skimmed milk is a powerful drink in itself. A study conducted to determine the benefits of dairy products pointed out that including dairy products in the diet (1,000 to 1,400 milligrams per day of calcium from dairy food) compelled the body to burn more fat. However, whole milk might not be your best bet. Skimmed milk is a much healthier alternative to whole milk because of the low fat content in it. Trim off those extra inches around your waist by switching from whole milk to low fat skimmed milk. Other than helping in weight loss, skimmed milk has a bevy of nutrients that provide protection against colon cancer regulates blood pressure and makes the bones healthy. Chocolate shake marries these two super slimming ingredients making it a great choice for a slimming drink.

Watermelon juice/smoothie

Even though, watermelon juice might not sound as fancy as protein shakes and other so called healthy drinks, it is an equally if not more potent weight loss drink. This is one health drink that packs a big punch, when it comes to helping in weight loss. Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid which gets metabolized to arginine-another amino acid responsible for reducing fat in and around the abdomen and reducing arterial plaque in the body. Drinking water melon juice can be your ticket to a slim and super hot body.


Water is the superman, err super-drink amongst all health drinks. Sadly, it is also something that many dieters fail to give regard to. With its super slimming superpowers minus any artificial ingredients, it is the one drink you need to watch out for. Water plays a key role in keeping the body in shape and it does so in so many different ways. Drinking water at regular intervals of time suppresses appetite, thereby prevents overeating. It reduces cholesterol levels and tones the muscles, helps digest food, prevents bloating and gives you glowing skin.

Different individuals have different water requirements depending on their lifestyle, gender, body weight and a whole lot of other factors. The food we eat also contains water in some percentage, which is why the 8-glasses-a-day does not hold ground. We bring you a simpler way to know how much water you need.

Water (in Litres) = weight (in Kg) * 0.033

However, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers need to have more and so do those who exercise for more than an hour daily.

Other water facts:

"    Flavour water with lemon and ginger to make it more appetizing.
"    Drinking a glass of water before meals will suppress the appetite and make you eat less.
"    According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, drinking cold water helps burn more calories-fat in men and carbohydrates in women, to be precise. This happens because the body requires to heat the ice cold water to body temperature and in order to produce this heat the body has to burn calories.


When to Drink:
At the Alarm Guzzle water, Dr. Lodge suggests. Hydrating will help beat that groggy feeling and make your skin look its glowy best (both now and later in life), says David E. Bank,... more 

When to Drink:
At the Alarm Guzzle water, Dr. Lodge suggests. Hydrating will help beat that groggy feeling and make your skin look its glowy best (both now and later in life), says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York less 
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