Happy Birthday, #RoyalBaby!

It was a big day for Twitter the British royal family as the much-anticipated #RoyalBaby made his debut. Based on cumulative activity throughout July, though, about two thirds of Twitter users were expecting a girl.

Happy Birthday, #RoyalBaby! image Screen Shot 2013 07 22 at 5.09.50 PM 1024x610#RoyalBaby: Boy or girl?

Even in the minutes leading up to the birth announcement, the Twittersphere was still abuzz about a girl:

Happy Birthday, #RoyalBaby! image Before 1024x512Before

But as soon as the official announcement was made, it was all about #RoyalBaby and BOY.

Happy Birthday, #RoyalBaby! image After 1024x508After

Also rather amazing: for a few hours on his first day in the world, Baby Boy Windsor was more popular than none other than Twitter phenomenon @justinbieber. (It’s all downhill from here, kid.)

Happy Birthday, #RoyalBaby! image Screen Shot 2013 07 22 at 2.04.29 PM 1024x819#RoyalBaby beats Bieber!

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