GTA 5 Secret Retro DLC: Rare Radio T-Shirts Unlockable in GTA Online

    By Vinod Yalburgi | Small Business

    Discerning GTA 5 tipster, DomisLive (aka Dom), has showcased some rare unlockable Radio T-shirts pertaining to a secret Retro DLC for GTA Online via YouTube video.

    According to the tipster, the leaked information about the Retro DLC has surfaced online via a Reddit thread, posted by a Reddit user bandn9601 and tagged under Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5).

    The Reddit thread clearly talks about the rare unlockable Radio T-shirts that are reportedly part of the I'm Not a Hipster update or the Independence Day DLC.

    According to Reddit user bandn9601 who leaked this information, the rare T-shirts seemed to be unlocked while using a glitch in the game that inadvertently changed his character's appearance in GTA 5.

    It is not yet clear if these T-shirts would be added to GTA Online as a standalone DLC or as part of future title updates.

    Nevertheless, here is the rundown of the rare T-shirts that you might find as part of future DLC releases or title updates for GTA Online:

    • Fever 105 - It is inspired by the radio station in GTA: Vice City.
    • Emotion 98.3 - This is another radio station in GTA: Vice City.
    • KDST - This one is inspired by GTA: San Andreas T-shirt.
    • Flash FM - This is named after GTA: Vice City radio station.
    • KJAH Radio - This one is inspired by the radio station of the same name across a bunch of GTA instalments including GTA: San Andreas, GTA 4 and GTA: Liberty City Stories.
    • Bounce FM - This is named after GTA: San Andreas radio station.
    • K Rose - This is also named after San Andreas radio station.

    The tipster concludes that all the T-shirts showcased in the video are female versions as they have a slight cut at the left shoulder portion.

    Besides, numerous GTA Online gamers reportedly found some of these T-shirts randomly popping up in their inventories.

    Let us know what you think about these rare T-shirts and if they will be part of the rumoured Retro DLC pack. Please leave your comments below.

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