The Growth of Text Message Marketing Ad Spend

The Growth of Text Message Marketing Ad Spend image online advertisingThe Growth of Text Message Marketing Ad SpendThe growth of text message marketing Ad Spend can be attributed to its relevance to the users and its immediacy on reaching consumers anywhere on a personal device leading to a higher percentage of consumers opting -in a mobile marketing campaign.

The Facts are before you

The fact that this communication method is available and simple to operate has indeed resulted to an increase in its growth. Businesses have now adopted text marketing instead of traditional marketing such as direct mail or print. It has a number of fantastic attributes that make it the top choice for companies small and large, including cost-effectiveness, easy to use and efficient in reaching a large number of targeted individuals quickly.

The key factors that have led to the growth in text message marketing revenue is that more time is now being spent on mobile devices, therefore messages are consumed in real time, without forgetting the increase in Smartphone penetration.

The fact that this communication also offers enhanced advertising monetization by targeting only interested consumers has resulted to an increase in return on investment, sales and redemption rates resulting to more spending on advertisement. It makes it so much easier to produce when you have reached the individuals who are actually interested in what you have to offer to them.

Additional Beneficial Factors

Other factors that have led to increased growth of text messaging Ad revenue include the following:

Text messages have a high open rate of about 95% among consumers within a few minutes of being sent, when compared to emails open rate of only an average of less than 20%. This has eventually led to instant sales even on a slow day, that has translated to the need to continue spending on text advertising in order to increase more sales. This means that mobile marketing is the most effective form of marketing out there.

Text marketing has become the most effective and cheap way to reach customers and increase sales. It has gained popularity leading to increased Ad spending due to its flexibility where it helps create a platform for businesses to send a variety of marketing messages such as special sales, one-time offers, buy-one get-one deals and even new product or service announcements.

The Need for More Text Marketing

Some of the marketing strategies that have led to the need for more text marketing ad spending include:

  • Time-sensitive or short-term promotions related to foods and drinks businesses and even food festivals especially those that have ended up incorporating coupons via text marketing.
  • Charities aimed at raising money have now adopted text marketing as a communication channels when responding and even accepting donations instead of traditional telephoning and check writing.
  • Use of text marketing by colleges and universities has also been a contributory factor to the growth of Ad spending.
  • Use of this cheap text messaging medium by public services such as libraries and public transport systems can also not be ignored.
  • Lastly, travel agencies and hospitality industry have become one of the highest spenders on mobile text advertising.

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