Gourmet sandwiches delivered in boxes that play accompanying music

If a dentist’s drill can play music to help relax young patients, then why shouldn’t a restaurant’s serving wares play music to create the perfect ambiance for eating lunch? That, indeed, is precisely the premise behind Portugese Soundwich.

Seven different “soundwiches” are available from 1000 Tastes Ltd.’s Porto-based Soundwich, including one featuring mango, avocado and tomatoes with fine spices, and another based on sardine escabeche with eggplant, green pepper and tomato. Even more distinctive than the delicacies’ ingredients, however, are the music-playing metal boxes in which they are served. Each Soundwich is conceived by a different chef, who in turn also chooses a piece of music to accompany it. When the buyer opens that box, he or she is treated to a musical accompaniment for the tasty treat within. Pricing on each Soundwich is EUR 7.5.

Competition may be stiff among eateries and watering holes the world over, but there’s no denying that a little acoustic accompaniment can set an establishment apart. Restaurateurs far and wide: this one’s for you!

Website: www.soundwich.pt/porto/index.html
Contact: www.soundwich.pt/porto/contactos.html

Spotted by: Ana Costa e Curto

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