Gorilla Glass 4 Twice As Shatter-Resistant, Company Claims [Watch]

    By James Kosur | Small Business

    Gorilla Glass 4 Twice As Shatter Resistant, Company Claims [Watch] image Gorilla Glass 4 By CorningGorilla Glass 4 Twice As Shatter Resistant, Company Claims [Watch]

    The new Gorilla Glass 4 product claims to be two-times more shatter-resistant than its predecessor. Apple recently announced that it would replace Gorilla Glass with Sapphire, but then appeared to abandon those plans over production issues.

    According to Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning, it has been examining hundreds of broken phone screen. The company discovered that most shattered screens occurred in a one-meter drop onto a rough surface like concrete or asphalt. In drop tests based on those variables, the company found that Gorilla Glass 4 survived up to 80% of such impacts. That impact rate is double the success of Gorilla Glass 3.

    The company introduces the Gorilla Glass 4 shatter-resistant claims in a less than scientific manner:

    While the glass is tougher than previous versions, Corning says the optical clarity loses none of its previous luster.

    Apple and other manufacturers will also benefit from a higher success rate than GTAT, which was seeing major fail rates for its large sapphire boules.

    The Apple iPhone 7 may arrive in 2015, and with it the Gorilla Glass 4 display may be featured. There is still time for GTAT to get its act together, but for now we will just have to enjoy the adorable baby gorillas as they play with the increasing strong glass product.

    Keep in mind that nothing is foolproof and a big drop on any hard surface can still damage your iPhone, Android Phone, or any other device that features Gorilla Glass 4. 

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