Google Updates Hangouts App For Android

    By Chris Atkins | Small Business

    Google Updates Hangouts App For Android image Google Hangouts Android AppGoogle Updates Hangouts App For Android

    Google’s Hangouts app for Android received a big update which was announced by the company’s Vice President of Product for Google+ Bradley Horowitz. Some of the new features are just to make the app fun but others serve to show a glimpse of Google’s future plans for the service.

    One of the new features in the update is 16 new sticker pages and also some Easter eggs which you can reveal by typing “woot” or “happy birthday” into chat after installing the update.

    Additionally you can apply filters to your video chats such as black and white and sepia which makes things on the visual side more appealing.

    Those aren’t major updates but the app is also getting smarter. Now the Hangouts app for Android will automatically ask if you want to share your location. The only thing you have to do is drop a pin on the map.

    This will pop up as “Where are you?” and in the middle of a conversation you can share your location without needing to scan over a large map.

    Your contacts will also now show a timestamp that says “last seen” so that it’s clearer if someone’s online. This version of the app lets you import all of the contacts in your phone as well.

    To make it easier to start conversations with friends and family the app now lets you confirm your phone number so friends who already have it can easily find you and message you in Hangouts.

    The “last seen” timestamps will not be available for everyone right off the bat, instead it will roll out in waves over the next few weeks so some people may not see the feature for all of their contacts right away.

    Google Hangouts continues to serve as a way to help people stay connected with friends and family without making chat engagements seem forced. Google wants it to remain that way and to make conversations in the app to feel in-the-moment and as natural as they do in real life.

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