If Google Released This Credit Card, Would You Apply?

    By Kristine Vicencio | Small Business

    If Google introduced a credit card, would it be worth having in your physical or digital wallet? As a society, we are dependent on Google for so many things such as shopping, chatting with friends and doing research for articles or research projects. It almost seems natural that one day we would all be walking around with a Google branded credit card.

    Recently an Australian credit card comparison website,, created their own version of what a Google card could look like and how it would fit into Google’s ecosystem of products. Some of it sounds like something you’d read on The Onion, but other parts are quite original and thought provoking.

    Is the NOTAX System Immoral?

    One of the interesting things about the Google credit card is that you wouldn’t have to pay tax on your purchases. This is because they would all be routed through a series of holding companies designed to limit your exposure to local, national and international tax laws.

    While this may be a great thing for consumers, is it a moral thing to do? It really depends on how you view taxation. If you believe that taxation is theft, you probably have no problem with it. However, if you believe that paying taxes is part of being a good citizen, you might want to shy away from this card.

    Would The SpendRank Feature Be Useful?

    The SpendRank feature is nothing different than what other credit card companies do today. Most lenders already have a tiered system of credit card rewards and perks that reward big spenders with lavish perks such as lower interest rates, vacations and cash back to diners or at gas stations. If anything, it would be odd that Google would not have some reward system set up to say thank you to those who spend a lot of money each month on their card.

    Does Advertiser Support Infringe On Your Privacy?

    At first glance, the thought of giving up your personal information in exchange for lower rates and fees seems like an invasion of your privacy. However, most credit card companies are already sharing a lot your information with other parties. Additionally, anyone who uses Google on a regular basis already knows that your information isn’t really private. Therefore, it would barely register to most people who are used to their information already being shared with millions of other people on a regular basis.

    The Google card could be a great financial tool for some people. The ability to use your physical credit card or a digital version of your card for online shopping is another interesting feature of the card. The question remains though: would you actually want to give Google even more data on the things you do and buy with a Google credit card?

    If Google Released This Credit Card, Would You Apply? image Google CardIf Google Released This Credit Card, Would You Apply?

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