Is Glee an Unlikely Hero of Content Marketing?

    By Deborah Bates | Small Business

    Here at Red Rocket Media HQ, we’re all big fans of ‘Glee’… Well, maybe not all of us, but I for one love it (and I happen to know a few others that secretly do). It isn’t just Sue Sylvester’s sarcastic quips or Brittany’s philosophical stupidity that does it for me, though; there’s the added bonus that when it comes to content marketing, Glee’s got it down.

    That’s thanks to one character and one character only – Ms Emma Pillsbury. Oh, and her fabulous pamphlets.

    ‘You won’t be alone forever… Probably!’

    At the first glance, Ms Pillsbury’s pamphlets may not seem particularly genius-like. After all, titles such as: ‘So you like throwing up…’, ‘Wow, there’s a hair down there!’ and ‘My Mom’s bipolar and she won’t stop yelling’ don’t really scream high-quality content marketing. However dig a little deeper and you’ll find true gold, because the pamphlets do exactly what any valuable piece of content should: they answer the questions of their target audience.

    ‘Ouch! That stings!’

    The ridiculous (yet hilarious) titles aside, Ms Pillsbury’s pamphlets are an excellent example of what any brands creating content should be doing. They should be listening to the issues and concerns of their target audience, then providing solutions and/or help via their content. Yes, it sounds simple. That’s because it is.

    Think about it – Ms Pillsbury’s target audience comprises high-school students. They’re worried about the changes their bodies are going through, can’t get a grip on their emotions, aren’t sure how to build a relationship with someone they fancy, or might have had their heart broken for the first time. These pamphlets address the most common concerns the typical high-school student would have; covering issues surrounding family, friends, relationships and sex.

    Is Glee an Unlikely Hero of Content Marketing? image pampletsIs Glee an Unlikely Hero of Content Marketing?

    Ok, so perhaps they aren’t all worrying about how Radon is a silent killer… But you get the gist! Ms Pilsbury listens to the concerns of her target audience and responds to them in a way they can relate to. As a result, they trust her. With this trust comes loyalty, as they head to her for advice each time they have a problem.

    If your brand does the same, publishing relevant content that answers the questions of your target audience (both existing customers and prospects), you could reap the same rewards. Targeted, responsive content could bring you more prospects, more customers and improved retention rates. What’s not to like? Strap on your Glee hat and get started… Just don’t forget to do it with a song!

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