Generating Leads With Twitter Using Lead Generation Cards

    By Paul Mosenson | Small Business

    Generating Leads With Twitter Using Lead Generation Cards image twitterimage1Generating Leads With Twitter Using Lead Generation Cards

    How to Use Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards to Actually Generate Leads

    On August 28, 2013, Twitter officially rolled out their new Lead Generation Card. This card is available to any company with a Twitter Ads account. For example, a coffee shop can promote giveaways and specials through a sign-up link embedded within the tweet. If you click the link, you will subscribe to their mailing list.

    This is a quick and easy way to promote your business and it ushers in a new era of digital marketing with Twitter. Here are a few ways to maximize the enormous potential of these lead generation cards.

    Keep Using Twitter Outside of Your Lead Generation Card

    Twitter rewards innovation and creativity because it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Just look at these statistics. There are over 50 million tweets per day and roughly 9,100 tweets per second. With these staggering numbers, your lead generation card could potentially disappear in the shuffle.

    To ensure your lead generation card is seen by potential customers, first establish a rapport with the public. Send informative, funny, and witty tweets daily. Retweet relevant news stories to your business.

    Interact with people, comment on other business’s tweets, retweet information that pertains to you customers. When your account has clout and followers, people will actually read your tweets instead of scrolling right over them with the slightest of glances.

    Be a Twitter Personality, Not an Organization

    If your business account has some personality, people will be more inclined to clicking on the sign-up link in your promotional tweet. People like to think they are communicating with an actual human with actual feelings rather than a corporate drone.

    Realistic interactions with potential customers makes you seem more trustworthy. They will feel good about subscribing to your website if there is some semblance of a relationship.

    Also, be sure to mention people; Twitter users can form a bond with companies that mention them in their tweets. A good way to accomplish this is retweeting positive feedback from customers, which is organic, free marketing.

    Make Your Promotional Tweets Count

    Research is essential. For example, timing on Twitter is extremely important. This study from 2010 has some useful details about Twitter’s relationship to time. The most important takeaway is that 92% of retweets occur in the first hour after the initial tweet. Peak hours for Twitter usage is between 11 AM and 3 PM EST. You can do the math, send your lead generation cards out during peak hours.

    Even the day of the week matters, as Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are proven to be the most successful days for promotional tweets. Monday’s people catch up on the news and their favorite websites, and Friday’s people play around on the internet and are distracted with the weekend.

    The seamless blend of old and new Twitter techniques is the future of B2B social media marketing. Twitter’s lead generation cards provide you with an avenue to connect with more new customers than ever. Through analytics and research, you can reach the full potential of this newfound gift from Twitter and watch your business explode.

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