How to Generate B2B Sales With Your Content

Many businesses can be found guilty of underestimating the power of content when it comes to B2B Marketing. Through blogs, whitepapers, tweets and any other form of content that attracts prospects to your website, you can turn visitor attention into sales. However, there are certain Content Marketing errors you should watch out for if you want to see sales results.How to Generate B2B Sales With Your Content image first paragraphsHow to Generate B2B Sales With Your Content

Having a Clear Strategy

Recently, we looked at the importance of ‘Strategy’ in Content Marketing Strategy. Without a clear defined Strategy, you will struggle to create compelling and accessible content that businesses and consumers want to read. Every single line you produce should have a consistent feel and channel prospects towards a sale.

On top of that, there is no point in creating invigorating content if it just sits idle on your site. It’s important to define a strategy which helps you to get your content out there. This might involve thinking about what Social Media channels you can benefit from and what other methods can help you extend your reach, such as email marketing.

Knowing your target market

A big part of the overall strategy will be targeting. Once you know who you’re looking to reach out to, you can identify what that target audience wants. Identifying the wants and needs of your target market can help you create blogs and social media content based on what your target market are interested in.

Failing to properly identify your target market or indeed failing to change your content to suit the changing requirements of your target audience will leave your Business detached from possible leads, struggling to get visitors, let alone generate sales.

Sell your business, not your products

The natural instinct for a lot of businesses is to try and sell their products through content. While it may seem sensible to use your blog or social media to sell products, that’s not what your website visitors will think. In a B2B environment, potential clients want to know more about your business and what you stand for. If they want to know about the products you sell, they can view those pages.

Your blog should be about you. If you’re just outright selling, prospects will just go elsewhere. Generating B2B sales through Content Marketing is most certainly achievable, but you just have to focus on selling your expertise. Once a blog reader or social media user sees your company as an expert, they will be much more likely to commit to your business.

Use Call to Action

Tagging, keywords and SEO are all important elements of the overall Content Marketing process. However, linking your content to the services you are offering is often something that Businesses struggle with. Instead of laying out content for on-site users to pick and choose from, you should endeavour to create a path for them, leading back to what your Business can do for them.

By using Call to Action, you can encourage the prospect to take the next step, without over-doing it. See the Call to Action at the bottom of this post for an example of how you can easily bridge the gap between hits and potential sales. If you’re unsure of what a Call to Action should look like, there’s one at the bottom of this post.

Content is every B2B Marketers best friend. But there are some common mistakes that Businesses have to look out for when creating content. By watching out for the aforementioned obstacles, you can ensure your Content Marketing Strategy delivers sales as well as traffic.

Our whitepaper on ‘Winning Content’ can help you bring your Content Marketig Strategy to the next level and turn those leads into sales. Download here for free.

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