The Gay Marriage World Map [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    The Gay Marriage World Map [Infographic] image the gay marriage world map logoThe Gay Marriage World Map [Infographic]

    It’s hard to take the world seriously if we have people legally allowing the courts the power to imprison and even sanction death penalty for gay people to exist. It’s of low thinking policy that people can’t be made happy by the society they belong in. It’s the individuals that perpetuate this intolerance, but we can’t argue against the influence of the law as an abstract that dictates what should be acceptable in the world. The society we live in should champion against gay marriage as a crime, and promote the idea that happiness is what drives people to live longer lives. Gandhi’s love should be a guide on how gay marriage should be tackled, and the love he can show to us is an example that gay marriage should be everyone’s right.

    It’s hard to imagine why Ethiopia and Egypt criminalizes gay marriage when it’s no secret that Alexander is a decent respected gay man. Maybe people can’t accept this fact and so decides to inflict such hatred to people through the law? Algeria, Angola and Botswana could be perfect examples of countries that are known to be low in economic status, and have unstable non-suitable social and legal culture. Look at Iran and Yemen. These countries are reported to be very hostile environment for travellers and locals, and that may perhaps explain their intolerance for gay marriage.

    There’s more to know about these countries and which parts of the world we should carry with us in the process of natural selection, so it makes sense to know more about it with this informative infographic. This infographic can guide you which cultures you should learn more about and should promote, just so you can promote gay marriage to the end of times.


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