Free web platform offers open-source legal documents and signing service

Writing up contracts and documents can be a difficult task for those with little legal knowledge or the funds to hire a lawyer to check them over. Docracy aims to provide people with free pre-written, open-source documents as well as a comprehensive solution for having them verified and signed online.

The site currently hosts over 100 different types of document, such as power of attorney, non-disclosure agreements, wills and employee contracts, available to download and tailor to the user’s needs. Any sections that need to be altered – company’s and people’s names – are highlighted to make it easy for users to personalize the contracts. The community is able post their own documents, which can be commented on and ‘liked’ by others. Docracy also has its own signing platform: once a user has tailored his or her document, an invitation can be sent out for others to securely view it and check it over, before making changes and signing it. All of this is done through the site, rather than multiple back-and-forth emails, and changes can be made collaboratively in real-time. The video below explains more about how the site works:

Most legal documents are still printed off and signed in person and – although startups such as Softsign have made steps in the right direction – Docracy simplifies the process of creating legally-binding agreements online. Lawyers – could you get involved to ensure the quality of these documents?


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