From France, solar-powered mobile shower reuses its own water

The Water-Leech is one innovation which seeks to help homeowners easily re-use greywater from showers and washbasins for other activities, such as watering their garden. Going one step further, the Geopure shower collects and filters its own greywater in a constant cycle to avoid wasting water.

Created by French firm Geopack Industries, the device contains two tanks that can hold up to 50 liters of water. When the shower is turned on, water from the top tank comes out of the showerhead and drains into the second tank, where it is filtered and pumped back up to the top tank. This process can take place up to 50 times before the water needs replacing. While the main attraction of the device is the amount of water it saves, its eco credentials are boosted even further thanks to two solar panels that are able to power the system. The shower was recently demonstrated at IDEX 2013 in Abu Dhabi and costs around EUR 10,000. The video below explains – in French – more about the device:

As well as being environmentally friendly, the Geopure is portable and can be installed almost anywhere. How else can consumers be encouraged to re-use greywater to avoid wasting resources?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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