Four Tips for an Effective Outdoor Marketing Strategy

Outdoor advertising can either be a massive boon to business or a huge risk, and it all depends on hitting exactly the right tone, getting a great, eye-catching design and ensuring that your advertisement is seen in an effective range of locations. Here are four top tips for getting it just right:

Keep it simple

Very simple. If people are driving or travelling on a train or bus, there will only be a small window for you to make an impact on them. To this end, make sure your advertising message is short and to the point – don’t make it too complex. Get one idea across succinctly instead of trying to tell multiple stories about your brand or sell multiple products. Ensure that any jokes are obvious enough to be understood within a few seconds, because no-one will be slowing down to absorb a complex story.

Scale the colours back

An all-out visual assault of colour may be tempting, but most effective outdoor advertisements use one bold colour and a few more muted colours, typically in line with branding colours. Think of the most recognisable brands – banks, fast food outlets, transport companies – their coloured branding is consistent and not over-the-top.

Place it appropriately

Make sure you have your advertisement in a range of locations – this might be on the side of a bus, on a billboard, in a train station or on a bus shelter. Make sure they are strategically placed to ensure that people will have multiple exposure: this is an advertising set-up that relies on multiple impressions. An advert seen once by a million people will not be as effective as an advert seen four times by a quarter of a million people. At the same time, you will want to have a thread running through all your marketing: website, outdoor, TV or print, so that there is a consistent message and branding across all your media.

Don’t wait by the phone

Outdoor advertising is a long-term strategy. The aim should be to embed a product or your brand in the consumer’s mind through prolonged exposure. Calls to action might not necessarily be the right avenue for your outdoor campaign. Aim instead to build your profile and recognition so that your business is part of your potential audience’s awareness.

Working with a marketing agency with a strong record in outdoor campaigns will help your business launch a well-planned and effective outdoor strategy.

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