Forget coding – this app turns sketches into working computer games


Earlier this month, we wrote about AppSeed – the platform that enables anyone to turn their sketches into a working app. Now we’ve discovered Pixel Press, which similarly allows people of all ages to create a computer game with only pencil and paper.

Users first print off the preset grid and start drawing elements onto the page for a platform game, following the Pixel Press instructions to add obstacles, pitfalls and rewards to collect. When the drawing is finished, the game is created by simply taking a snap of the page using the app, which can detect the different elements and turn it into working code. Users can then alter the design of their game – from textures and colors to character looks and sound effects. The game can then be played and shared with others. The video below shows how the app works:

Pixel Press successfully reached its target on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and the app is available to pre-order for USD 10. Are there other ways to make coding easier for non-techies?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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