Five Tips Friday: Keeping Your Website Updated

Five Tips Friday: Keeping Your Website Updated image 3183290111 989c5b1bec mFive Tips Friday: Keeping Your Website UpdatedAs a new year approaches, it is important to make sure that all marketing materials are as up-to-date as possible. Perhaps the most important segment of your marketing content that you need to make sure is updated is also the one that it is easiest to fall behind on, and that is your company website. With technology changing and evolving as quickly as it is, it does not take long for your website to begin to look and function like an antiquated dinosaur. Since your website is how many people will first become familiar with your company, you want to make sure that your first impression is a good one. Toward that end, here are five things to check about your website before the new year begins.

1. No Flash. Period.

This should be old news to you by now, but with the increasing popularity and market saturation that Apple smart devices are enjoying, flash is a definite no-no on a company website. It will not function properly on any Apple device, and to be frank, many flash website components look a little dated these days anyway. When we say no flash, that also means no flash openings, no flash “road block” before your website launches, or anything else along those lines. If any part of your site’s functionality depends upon flash, that needs to be updated as soon as possible.

2. Are your newest products there?

This seems like an obvious thing to consider. Of course your new products should be on your website. However, sometimes tasks can fall through the cracks, especially during a hectic product launch. Marketing, sales, and someone from the C-Suite (ideally) should sit down to review the site before the end of the year. Not only is this a good time to make sure your new products are live on the site, you also want to make sure that all of your products are presented with updated features, current, high-quality photos, and more.

3. Is your contact information prominently displayed at the top of the page?

These days, many people will be accessing your site from their mobile phone. Especially if your company offers services or products that can be purchased on an “as needed” basis, you want to make sure it is as easy as possible for someone to contact you. In this new mobile world, one easy fix is to make sure your phone number and email address are large and easy to spot on the top of all of your web pages. That way, someone can simply tap the number or the email address to contact you.

4. Are all of your links working?

Nothing can be more frustrating for a visitor to your site than trying to click on something only to get a 404 error. Take the time at this time of year to click on all links on your site. Make sure the information on each page launches as it is supposed to, and make sure every single link works and loads properly.

5. Check the copyright date on your website

This is probably the easiest way to show that your website is up-to-date, but it is also probably the most overlooked. We see many websites that have copyright dates of 2006 or even earlier. At the beginning of each year, update the copyright so that the most current year is either the only date or so that the range of dates takes you to the current year. It’s a small detail, but it confirms for your visitors that you are keeping your site updated and in top shape for your customers.

What other parts of your website do you want to double check as we approach the new year? We’d love to hear further recommendations from you!

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