Fitness Apps That Men Love

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    Want to amp up your workouts, guys? Consider fitness apps will help you push yourself to true excellence. Even an all-purpose exercise/diet tracker such as My Fitness Pal can be used with other apps such as The Withings Wi-Fi Scale, Fitbit Tracker, Digifit, BodyMedia FIT, and C25K – 5K Trainer. Specialized apps can provide extra motivation — and great ways to get fit without spending money at the gym.

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    “I use the Nike running app quite a bit,” says Justin Levac, a forward for the St. Charles Chill in the Central Hockey League. “I found it very useful to help keep track of my running time and speed. It’s great to see your improvements. I also really like using this app because it allows you to track your times without being on a treadmill. The app is also really convenient because I am able to use it wherever I go and don’t need to be at gym to use it.”

    The Nike+ Running app that Levac swears by is a useful tool for seasoned runners, but it’s also great for beginners. It track pace, time, calories burned, distance, and location. The app records your pace at each location you run, allowing you to review your run and track your progress at each point. When you make a Nike Plus account your stats are automatically uploaded to and synced with all your devices.

    Here are some other great apps to push your personal envelope:

    Get Intense

    Short but intense workouts are all the rage. It’s called HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. A great way to make them happen is to use the Max Capacity Training app for Android and IPhone (free). It allows for a short but effective workout. Workouts are 16 minutes long, 3 times a week, for 12 weeks. Each day consists of a series of four exercises that are performed for a certain amount of sets at the maximum amount of reps possible — thus, max capacity. The app has a built in timer and tells you when to start and stop each exercise. The Max Capacity Training app is modeled after the website and the book, so you can take your workout with you wherever you go.

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    Girl Power: Pro Workouts

    What’s more motivating than working out with your girl? Nike Training Club for Android and IPhone (free) consists of over 100 workouts inspired by athletes. This app allows you to quickly follow workouts on the app or create custom 4-week programs according to your fitness goals. You can choose to “Get Lean”, “Get Toned”, “Get Strong”, or “Get Focused”. Workouts vary in lengths of 15, 30, or 45 minutes. The wide variety of workouts allows for an effective full body workout and “helps you to track progress, stay motivated, and train better”.

    Affordable Fitness

    Strava is another effective way to track your runs, as well as bike rides. If you do not want to invest in the Nike Plus sensor ($19 up), Strava is a solid free alternative. This app can be used with your Android, IPhone, and certain GPS devices. Like the Nike Plus app, Strava will record your data and sync it with the Strava website. In the money? For $6/month or $59/year you can sign up for the premium features which include: custom leaderboards, progress goals, filtered leaderboards, suffer score, segment effort comparison, GPX export, train with power (cycling), pace zone analysis (run).

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