First Hands On With iOS 7

    By RM Downey | Small Business

    First Hands On With iOS 7 image io7 2First Hands On With iOS 7Earlier this week Apple unveiled the 7th version of it’s Mobile Operating system, iOS 7. Apple claimed it to be the most significant change in the Mobile OS since the release of the first iPhone, then known as iPhone OS.

    New look

    One of the most notable changes is it’s all New user interface. iOS 7 leverages layers for organization and sense of depth. A very vibrant new color palette accompanies simplified, flattened icons and removal of what was called “skeuomorphism”, where parts of the digital interface represented real world objects such as the green felted look of the background in game center.

    New Features

    • Control Center
    • Notification center available from lock screen
    • Airdrop
    • iTunes Radio (similar to Pandora)
    • New ways to browse in Safari
    • Camera accessibility and new features
    • Photo gallery
    • Siri, New Voices, ability to change settings
    • iOS in the car
    • App Store overhaul
    • New way to visually handle Multi tasking

    Expected release date?

    This fall, most likely available on iPhone 5 and the yet to be announced “iPhone 5s” or “iPhone 6″.

    First Hands On With iOS 7 image io7 1 1024x477First Hands On With iOS 7

    Hands On with iOS 7

    Here is one of the first Hands on reviews for iOS 7 on the iPhone

    Apple’s Official iOS 7 Preview

    Here is the official iOS 7 preview video featuring Apple’s Johnny Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design and leading the UI portion of the iOS overhaul this past year.

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