Facebook Releases New Layout for Pages on Mobile Devices

    By Becky Depew | Small Business

    The world is going mobile, and Facebook is determined to go right along with it. Not a huge surprise, given that about half of the people accessing Facebook each day do so on a mobile device. We got a preview of the new layout for Pages on mobile, and we think today’s announcement will be welcome news, both for users and page admins.

    Here’s how it shakes out for users:

    • The new layout is simpler, showing information in sections that run across the screen horizontally and are easy to scroll through.
    • At the top is the page’s photo and name; beneath that is a bar with Like, Call, and Message buttons. If you are already a fan of the page, you will now have easy access to Check In, Call, Message and more.
    • Further down is a map with the company’s location and information like store hours and price range for physical locations/products.
    • Below the map/locations are the page’s recent posts

    Facebook Releases New Layout for Pages on Mobile Devices image Depew post image 1 201x300Facebook Releases New Layout for Pages on Mobile Devices

    The new layout is not only cleaner, it’s designed to encourage users to interact with the page.

    If you’re a page admin, you’ll gain convenience and a potential marketing opportunity:

    • Pin important posts from your desktop and have them appear near the top of the mobile screen
    • Easily switch between public and admin views from your mobile device (from a bar directly beneath the cover photo)
    • Easily start a new post or share a photo (from a bar under the Admin/Public bar)
    • Use the Pages Manager app to see your page’s activity in detail

    We also envision companies taking advantage of the changes to pin a special-offer post to the top of their mobile page—e.g., “Show us you’ve liked us on Mobile Facebook and get 10% off your order.”

    If you’re a page admin, we suggest making sure your basic company information is up to date, including category, address, hours, phone number and “About” details. This information is more prominent in the new layout. Facebook’s Help Center is a great resource in helping you make changes to your page.

    If you are interested in learning more about how Facebook can help your business, you can view our presentation from LeadsCon 2013: “Does Facebook work for LeadGen Buyers?”

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