Fabulous Fairy Tale Weddings (Infographic)

I have never understood why people spend so much money in a wedding. Usually, the notion is you spend so much money cause it’s once in a lifetime, however, as of late it seems like marriage happens too many times in one person’s life. Oh well. To each their own. Anyways, this latest infographic highlights some of the most lavish weddings or what we usually call “fairy tale weddings.”

Did you know that the world’s most expensive wedding cost $60 million? $60 million! Anyways, have a look at the infographic below to see what a fairy tale wedding looks like.

Fabulous Fairy Tale Weddings (Infographic) image 2013 4 22 Fairytale WeddingsFabulous Fairy Tale Weddings (Infographic)

Fabulous Fairy Weddings via Weddington Way

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