Event planning site focuses on themed dinner parties

Pop-up and roaming restaurants are already familiar concepts to regular Springwise readers, but a new startup in Portugal adds an interesting twist. Serving essentially as an event planning site, Table & Friends lets users organize themed dinners and make them available for others to join.

Based in the Startup Lisboa incubator in Lisbon, Table & Friends aims to connect like-minded users at dinner events organized around a particular theme. Examples of successful dinner themes include travel, entrepreneurship and specific guest speakers, the site notes. Organizers can choose to make their events public – with tickets for sale to others browsing the site – or private, in which case participation is by invitation.

The dinner table has always been a place for more than just physical sustenance, but the addition of themes and open planning puts a new spin on the evolving notion of the supper club. Culinary-minded entrepreneurs around the globe: one to inspire?

Website: www.tableandfriends.com/en
Contact: talk@tableandfriends.com

Spotted by: Paulo Almeida

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