“Enhanced Campaigns” Big Changes Coming to Google AdWords

By Brock Clauser | Small Business

Google announced they will be “upgrading” AdWords with what they called “enhanced campaigns”.

I spoke with a Google support rep and they hinted that while this will be rolled out to advertisers over the next few weeks, complete compliance into enhanced campaigns will take place in June 2013.

“Enhanced Campaigns” Big Changes Coming to Google AdWords image Google adwords logo 1Google Adwords will now offer

Google Adwords will now offer “Enhanced Campaigns.”

So what does this mean for advertisers in the Google universe?

First, Google will not simply roll out the changes and your campaigns will magically adapt.

You will need to use their AdWords Upgrade Guide to change your account structure, device targeting options, and bid adjustments (among other things).

Next, you’ll have to figure out exactly what will be affected.

Most notably, any campaigns that you split out between PC, smartphones, and tablets will now be housed under one campaign.

Many advertisers track separate campaigns for each device because it makes it easier to make changes by device type.

From my experience, the average CPCs and CPAs you have for a PC campaign are almost never the same as the numbers you have for tablets.

This is probably my biggest complaint with the upgraded account structure because I foresee conversion rates inevitably being affected.

Google has noted that when you write new ad copy, you will be given the option to choose whether or not you want it to be a mobile ad.

With this thinking, couldn’t you mark every ad as “Mobile,” thus giving you a mobile-only campaign?

Nice try. Google states that “if your ad group contains only mobile-optimized text ads … those ads may appear on desktop or laptop computers as well as tablets.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to bash a new system before I try it (I’m sure there will be plenty of blog posts doing this over the coming months).

We’ll all just have to play the waiting game until it is fully rolled out to test it for ourselves.

Here are some potential changes I could see to be very beneficial:

  • Upgrade to Conversions – For many of our clients, being able to attribute longer phone calls as conversions is key. Google will now offer calls 60 seconds or longer from click-to-call, as well as app downloads, within your AdWords reports as a conversion metric.
  • Geo-targeting Bid Adjustments – In the past, we’ve been limited to adjusting bids on a geographic basis with only mobile devices. Now, you’ll be able to adjust bids on all devices.
  • Ad Extension Scheduling – I’ve wanted this for a long time, especially for Call Extensions. You’ll now be able to schedule start and end dates, as well as specific days and times of day your extensions could run.
  • Mobile Specific Sitelinks – Mobile users often have different intent than desktop or tablet users. I was initially concerned that grouping all my devices into a single campaign would eliminate this option, but Google has stated that you will in fact be able to specify Sitelinks between mobile & PCs/tablets.

Though we have yet to actually see the new interface, you can voice your opinion to Google and request to opt-out through

There are no guarantees Google will allow you to opt-out, but last year a similar petition helped to fuel the fire to lift Google’s change to their ad rotation policy.

Don’t try to navigate the minefield of PPC on your own. Bring in Stream Companies and our team of PPC experts to help manage your campaigns.

“Enhanced Campaigns” Big Changes Coming to Google AdWords image Stream CTA Health 728x901“Enhanced Campaigns” Big Changes Coming to Google AdWords


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