Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work?

What do we know about enhanced campaigns? Only some novelties that came together with them. But how do they manifest themselves? Today we are going to explore some real effects of enhanced campaigns on potential customers. The most important changes that take place in enhanced campaigns are upgraded extensions. There is a good number of extensions have appeared recently, such as call extension, app extension, offer extension and the most interesting and effective sitelink extensions.  Every extension separately and in complex has a good impact and easily enlarges relevant traffic to your site.  Why so?

With appearance of enhanced campaigns and their special kind of bidding, now it is very convenient to control bids both for search traffic and for traffic from mobile devices. The only minus is that now you can’t have campaigns that are targeted on search traffic only, mobile traffic will be included by default, but if we are talking about traffic from mobile devices it can be separated from search traffic. But to make our life simpler, Google Adwords experts and inventors made new fields in Google Adwords interface where all the data concerning mobile traffic and search traffic can be seen. The following print screen shows this:

Period taken is for the last month

Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work? image artEnhanced Campaigns, Do They Work?

From the print screen above you can get that the relevant traffic from mobile devices may lead to conversions. The useful data from print screen is available for you on every level, so you can get such information based on campaign level, ad groups level, ads level and keywords level as well. Such feature gives you an understanding of what ad or keyword is more preferable for users entering your site from mobile devices and the same for users that come from search traffic. Based on data from such option you can manage your ad campaigns with full understanding what is best for this or that kind of users.

The new option of sitelinks on ad group level has only positive meaning. The main purpose of them is to raise the CTR of the ad group and therefore of the campaign as a whole.

If you need to exclude search traffic from computers you are free to change setting that way to get only traffic from mobile devices. Usually this is optimal for niches that have mobile versions of their resource or additional Android or iOS application. But be careful, if you have two versions of your website, version for mobile devices and version for desktops and laptops you should test the mobile version thoroughly, there are cases when the mobile version of the site brings very high bounce rate because of low speed loading.  In such cases there is only way to reduce traffic on mobile devices but setting very low bid adjustment percentage but can be done only in Google Adwords interface.

Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work? image art2 600x453Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work?

Besides, under this category can get sites that propose music downloading for phones, entertainment tickets reservation, airplane tickets reservation etc. From recent experience it is visible that not every niche can have good profits from mobile traffic, but this opportunity will play a good match in future, because nowadays mobile devices become more and more popular.

If talking about general use of enhanced campaigns than it is wise to compare two periods of one project (the project refers to travelling niche, apartments in Spain online, so as a goal we take order form filling) the first period will cover one month of working not enhanced campaigns and one month of working of enhanced campaigns.

The first print screen shows not enhanced campaigns:

Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work? image art3 600x382Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work?

The second print screen shows the period of enhanced campaigns working:

Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work? image art4 600x341Enhanced Campaigns, Do They Work?

As it is seen that the conversion rate 1-per click is higher and therefore cost per one conversion is less.

To sum up, it is noticeable that with the appearance of enhanced campaigns the amount of quality traffic augmented because of the new settings for mobile traffic. As well such new enhanced campaigns give the possibility only to target on traffic from mobile devices that is good for your mobile versions of the site.

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