Enchanting Customer Service Phrases to Use

Enchanting Customer Service Phrases to Use image customer service 1Enchanting Customer Service Phrases to UseIf you own a business, you understand that customer service is a necessary part of that business. It is also critical that you realize that effective customer service is about much more than just talking. It is all based on the actions taken.

Make sure that everyone understands: It is critical to your business that everyone who works with you understand how to represent your business appropriately and exactly how to treat your customers for the most favorable outcome possible. There is a right way to address the customers and a wrong way to address them. It is important to understand the difference and to avoid creating unnecessary issues whenever possible. The following are key phrases that need to be used when acting a a customer service representative of your business:

“How can I help you?”: Your customers (and this goes for all people) will always want the opportunity to explain to you what they want and need and they don’t want to spare any details when doing so. As the business owner, you have an obligation to listen to whatever they want to say and the same goes for anyone who works with you. Listening skills are critical to your success. If you ask the customer (or perspective customer) how you can help them, you will be starting the discussion on a very positive note. You are making it clear by posing that question that you are trying to help them rather than trying to sell something to them.

“I believe that I can solve your problem”: You will find that your customers (across the board) are trying to obtain solutions at all times. With that in mind, you have an obligation to speak their language and to relate to them on a human, emotional level. You will discover very quickly that they will appreciate your efforts and your connection with them and they will react positively.

“I don’t know the answer yet, but I will find out for you.”: There is nothing wrong with your not knowing an answer to a question. In fact, it is much better to be honest and admit that you don’t know the answer than to either give them a less than satisfactory answer or to offer no answer at a later date. If you express to your customer that you have a full intention of making the effort to find the answer to the question, they will respect you for it. It is important to remember, however, that you can’t afford to wait to long to get back to them. Timeliness is extremely important. Nobody likes to be ignored. Once you do find the answer and you satisfy your customer, it will have strengthened your credibility in their eyes, which is something that you are trying to improve on a regular basis anyway.

“I will take responsibility for this.” If an issue occurs (and they are bound to come up at some point), be decent and accept responsibility for it. Your customer will respect you for it. Of course, you won’t be able to get away with that too often but if you take responsibility, you will be earning your customer’s respect and you can both move on. You will, of course, have to assure your customer that you will do right by him or her and then you must deliver on your promise as quickly as you can.

“I will deliver on the day that I promised to deliver.” It is critical to your success that you deliver whatever you promised to deliver on that day and at that time. If you don’t keep your word, the customer will never trust you and without trust, you won’t get anywhere. After all, you are building your reputation and the opinion of your customer means everything in that situation.

“I appreciate your business.” Using that phrase is more than merely saying “thank you.” If you demonstrate sincere appreciation for your customer’s business, they will become loyal to you and return to you over and over. If you want to have a successful business, you need to build strong, meaningful relationships and this is how you do that. The relationship is at the heart of your success, whether it is online or in person.


Customer service is at the heart of your relationship with our customers. It is critical for you to understand and appreciate the importance of the customer service aspect of your business and to make sure that it is as developed and as effective as it can possibly be. Of course, it goes without saying that you must have genuine feelings of wanting to satisfy your customers’ needs at all times otherwise you are just using empty phrases. You want to make sure that your customers have an all-around positive customer experience and that they are very excited about doing business with you.

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