All Employees Need a Little Motivation

    By Tabitha Jean Naylor | Small Business

    All Employees Need a Little Motivation image Motivation 300x200All Employees Need a Little MotivationNobody likes to work for someone who doesn’t keep the office employees happy on a regular basis.

    No, this doesn’t mean you have to go and buy donuts every morning for your small business employees, but motivation is a great way to keep your employees happy and working hard.

    Especially when it comes to running a small business, you rely on your tight group of employees to work hard and keep the business going. Every area of the company is important and needs to continue to work just as hard as the next. Keeping the motivation high and the spirits up can be a great way to ensure your business will run successfully.

    Get Involved

    Regardless of what jobs you have held, everyone has worked for an employer who has absolutely no idea what actually goes on inside of the office.

    Have you ever gone out to eat at a fast-food restaurant and saw a man in business dress behind the counter working at the sandwich or grill station? This is one of the higher-ups who are visiting the store, checking on the business to see how things are going. While it’s nice to see that they’re getting involved with the work, if you stand and watch them for a few minutes, you will see the employees running circles around them and pushing them aside because they don’t have any idea what they’re doing.

    A small business should not run like that. As a boss or business owner, you should be more than willing to get your hands dirty. Lead by example – your employees will work harder once they see how hard you’re working as well.

    It’s easy to sit in an office chair all day long, scolding employees about what they’re doing wrong, but that is not motivational. Getting up and showing them how to do things correctly and effectively can help provide some extra ‘oomph’ into their lives.

    Hold Meetings

    Yes, meetings can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Bring a box of croissants and some orange juice and let the employees have a few minutes to enjoy breakfast on you.

    Remember that weekly meetings are a great way to get some insight on what is going on with the business. Make sure all of the employees participate, or at least every area of your company. Let the employees speak and say what’s on their minds – you don’t need to talk the entire time.

    Meetings are a great way to find out what has been working and what hasn’t. Once the meeting is over, actually utilizing some of the ideas the employees offered can show them that their opinion matters too. This can raise motivation more than you know.

    Consider Rewards

    It is more difficult for smaller businesses to offer bonuses and raises, but considering rewards is another way to keep efforts high and motivation up.

    Let’s face the facts: customers always want an incentive before signing up for anything, so why wouldn’t a reward for the employees be just as useful?

    Even if it’s something as small as recognition at a meeting or a framed certificate can be as motivating as a bonus. If your business is too small to reward with raises, consider gift cards – something to show each employee that you are paying attention to how hard they’re working and your business is offering as much incentive as possible; for now.

    Discussing rewards at meetings is also another way to tell your employees that their hard work will pay off in the long run. It may not be the Christmas bonus they were dreaming of just yet, but as the business begins to grow, their hard work will not be forgotten.

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