Email Marketing And Social Media Marketing Should Be BFFs In 2014

    By Genia Stevens | Small Business

    Email Marketing And Social Media Marketing Should Be BFFs In 2014 image emailmarketingsuccess 300x194Email Marketing And Social Media Marketing Should Be BFFs In 2014According to research performed by ExactTarget, approximately 95% of us check our email on a daily basis and 77% of us prefer to receive marketing and sales related messages via email.  Those are the kind of statistics that make marketers stand at attention.

    Even though email has competition from social networks, if you regularly receive email from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, this is a huge statement from the three largest social networks in the world.  That statement is: email is still very important.  I can’t think of a single social network that doesn’t require users sign-up using a valid email address.

    Why is email still important to social marketers?

    Maintaining an email database allows brands the opportunity to maintain consistent communication with their customers and prospects.  If Facebook changed its Terms of Service and banned the use of email (or even your wall) for doing business, brands can still use email marketing to their database to deliver marketing messages and sell products or services.  And with 95% of email users checking their inbox on a daily basis, marketers understand that their marketing message can still live and breathe in a space separate from their social networks.

    Why should marketers integrate social media activity and email marketing?

    For many marketers, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become their home base for delivering marketing messages.  Effective utilization of a brand’s home base can help marketers grow their email database.   Even though social media can be used for selling, it’s often very difficult to sell products and services in these channels.  By pulling loyal social media fans into your database, marketers can become more personable and use soft selling to push products and services.  Remember, ExactTarget’s research shows that 77% of us prefer to receive marketing and sales related messages via email.  Grow your social community first and, once you’ve earned your community’s trust and you’re ready to sell, move them over to your email database.

    How do marketers move your social community to your email database?

    • Let your social community members know how they can get on your list:  Make it a habit to regularly post information about your list on your social networks.  A simple tweet or Facebook update that says, “If you like our latest blog post, sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss anything.”
    • Tell your social community what’s in it for them:   What is the benefit of signing up for your list?  What do you provide of value that they can’t get on your social networks?
    • Experiment with video appeals:   Record a quick video of yourself telling your community members what’s so important about your list.  Detail the value of being on your list and make sure you remember to tell them how to get on the list.
    • Mobilize your social community:  Ask your social fans to tell their friends and colleagues about your list.

    How do marketers use their email list to mobilize people?

    • Place a call-to-action in your pre-header:   That space in your email that usually says “Can’t view this email?  View it on the web,” can be used for things like “If you like what’s in this email, forward it to a friend!”    You can also use this space to ask people to tweet a link to your latest email newsletter.  Remember to pre-configure the text you want them to use in the tweet.
    • Just ask:  Always ask your readers to share your content with their friends and colleagues if they found the content informative or useful.
    • Make announcements:   Use your email to make big announcements about new products, new team members, upcoming events, discounted products or services,  or limited time offers.  Remind readers to share the news with their friends and colleagues.

    Email marketing is not dead.  Marketers can continue, for a long time, to use email marketing to inform and educate consumers and prospects.  Email users have access to their inbox at home, at work and on the go using their mobile device.   Integrating email with social marketing should be a marketer’s top priority for 2014.

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