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Email Marketing & Real Time Personalization image email gmailEmail Marketing & Real Time PersonalizationThe idea of real-time marketing is seeping into all facets of the digital age. Why wait for information or interactions once we’ve experienced that instantaneous connection?

Long ago, email was a real-time pioneer – providing a much needed, streamlined alternative to snail mail. It opened vast opportunities for marketers looking to directly reach out to consumers. In conjunction with that real-time messaging, then, was the ability for content personalization by way of email lists. In fact, 77% of marketers in the U.S. say that real-time personalization is a high priority.

Currently, email is the top channel through which marketers send out real-time personalized messages. An eMarketer survey defined real-time marketing as dynamic personal content, quick responses and timely social media. Real-time marketing as incorporated into email marketing utilizes current demographics and audience types – integrated with custom content – to reach consumers at the moment of interest.

A recent Marketing Sherpa case study further illustrates the benefits of relevant, customized email marketing. Doggyloot – a flash sale site for dogs – created an interesting way in which to segment and craft their emails: through “doggy data.” The company sends out different emails, for example, according to the size of the consumers’ dog.

They also began sending out birthday wishes for the pups – resulting in a 750% higher click through rate than the team’s average and increasing daily revenue by 16%. This kind of custom content demonstrates care for the consumers and cultivates loyalty. By getting to the root of what triggered purchase decisions, Doggyloot was able to better understand and reach their consumers (by way of man’s best friend).

The unique example above demonstrates how companies can go the extra mile to appeal to the consumer. Capitalize on niche emails – less general and more overtly sales-oriented – in order to increase open rates, click-throughs and revenue. This includes the development and testing of email headlines, content, design and call-to-actions.

Discovering that consumer sweet spot – whether it be a pet, child or hobby – can help you market more effectively to the right audience. Contact ZOG Digital today for all digital marketing solutions.

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