Is Your Email Marketing like the 1895 Magazine Published by John Deere?

    By Craig Klein | Small Business

    Is Your Email Marketing like the 1895 Magazine Published by John Deere? image e mail marketingIs Your Email Marketing like the 1895 Magazine Published by John Deere?Email Marketing did not give birth to content marketing.  More than a century ago, John Deere began publishing “The Furrow” to educate, inform and entice new customers to trust their tractors.  Informed buyers have always been the best customers.  The only thing that has changed is the delivery system.

    With the added benefit of tracking results in your CRM software, you can target the customer base with ever-increasing accuracy.  Well planned and highly targeted email marketing campaigns are appreciated – even by information-overloaded sales leads.

    Sales Lead Nurturing

    The buying process has lengthened significantly in recent years.  Sales teams in every industry are losing the power to persuade.  Instead, the buyers demand control of the process and expect your company to educate them without even talking about your company features and benefits.  It seems unfair for these demanding sales leads to expect “something for nothing”, but free information is taken for granted these days.

    Quickly qualifying new sales leads to determine who is ready for an appointment and then placing the majority of your prospects in a lead nurturing email marketing campaign is the new route to sales success.  The reason why emails have the ability to deepen the customer relationship is because your CRM software can track the sales lead activity to determine what they want to learn.

    Measure and Revise

    You have many advantages over the early content marketers.  With a good online CRM, you cantrack, measure and revise the buying process during every step.  Your sales leads and current prospects give feedback with their activity and response.  You only have to look at the data to determine what they want.

    Begin the measuring process by paying attention to the big things.  You may only want to track incoming sales leads to closed sales.  When this data gives insight, dig a little deeper to track the source of the sales lead.  Not only will this help you know where to put your marketing effort, it will also give data for making accurate sales pipeline forecasts.

    Consistently add to defining the sales process in your organization and place each step in your CRM software.  Your sales team can follow the sales process you have designed and easily record the results.  With this data in hand, you will quickly recognize the gaps and insufficiencies of handling sales leads.  Once identified, you have the opportunity to tweak the system.  The ever improving sales process will increase conversions and revenue.

    Deepen Customer Relationships

    In balance with the data you glean from your CRM, one-on-one personal contact is often needed to close the sale and to serve your current customers.  Make it part of your sales process to pick up the phone or get out to visit your best sales leads and ideal clients on a regular basis.

    It is easy to get too busy with the new sales leads created by email marketing.  Use the CRM software to set aside time for these important connection meetings.

    A recently published research paper called What Sales Winners Do Differently was compiled by the Rain Selling blog.  The study shows that establishing rapport can make the difference in gaining the sale.  While your lead nurturing email marketingcampaign lays the groundwork for this deep customer relationship, you also need to talk to them.

    If you aren’t sure what to say, the Rain Selling group has published an article called, “21 Powerful, Open-Ended Sales Questions”.  While email marketing is essential for today’s sales organizations, nothing replaces the value of a human sales person connecting with a human buyer.  Tap into the power of both.

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