Use Email Judiciously

I dread to open my inbox every morning. It is nearly always flooded by emails. But I won’t use this platform to complain about email. How can I? It’s a great medium to reach customers. And it costs nothing. But what happens when it falls in the hands of marketers? It instantly becomes a weapon of mass mailing. Email databases are available so cheaply today that securing one and then bombarding the recipients again and again has become a routine activity for businesses. Since it hardly takes any time and is free, marketers don’t think twice before dispatching bulk mails on a daily basis.

However, while time and money required may be minimal, the outcomes may not be quite as expected. For one, anti-spam technology has advanced greatly and most of these mass emails land inside spam or junk folders. So you won’t get noticed at all. But that’s the good news. The bad news is that if you continue to send unsolicited emails, customers will get annoyed and report your email as spam. This could lead to your company getting kicked off by its ISP. It could also lead to search tools banning your website. And ultimately, your company’s reputation will be damaged.

The best way to avoid these problems is to develop opt-in lists and send emails to only those people who sign up. It is also important to include a message providing a link to unsubscribe in case they haven’t joined or if they want to opt-out for any reason. And yes, an opt-in list still doesn’t give you the license to send emails at every possible opportunity. The right time to send out an email is when you really want to inform your opt-in list about an important development. This will ensure that people actually read your message, at least definitely more than bulk mailing would entail.

Please remember that email is a tool that when used judiciously can give fantastic results.

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