Email Archiving – How to Keep Your Hardware to a Minimum

Email Archiving   How to Keep Your Hardware to a Minimum image iStock 000018429377XSmallEmail Archiving How to Keep Your Hardware to a MinimumYour email archive is stored in one compact piece of hardware. But believe it or not, by adding this extra little box, you can cut down on the amount of hardware your business needs.


Storing data takes up space, especially when it is email data. To maintain a record of all the emails requires an ever-increasing amount of storage, which also needs to be easily accessible at all times. The more storage you have the more maintenance it will require and before long the system becomes very time consuming to run.

Your email archive is a dedicated solution for your email storage requirements. It is also specially designed to archive the information while ensuring it is accessible. This eliminates the need for multiple hard drives of backups.


If you choose not to make backups of your emails and leave them on your server, you will soon find it slowing down or becoming overloaded. You may find you have to install additional servers to keep up demand and prevent a system failure or replace your server regularly to keep up with demand. This can be avoided with an email archive as it relieves the pressure on your email server and allows it to function more efficiently.


The overall benefit of cutting down on your hardware is the savings you make. Running costs such as electricity and cooling systems can climb very quickly the more hardware you have on site, and there is no such thing as down time – these systems need to be running at all times. With minimal hardware not only are you streamlining your operations you can keep these potentially high costs down.

An email archive can provide many benefits from technical solutions to legal compliance. It’s easy to overlook the potential your email archive has to provide practical benefits of reducing hardware requirements and keeping costs down.

Reducing your hardware requirements is just one of the benefits email archiving can provide. Download our free white paper which outlines the top 10 benefits of email archiving.

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