A New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads?

Google has “blessed” a new, effective way for home improvement contractors to get free leads. Find out if this method will work for you.

A New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads? image home improvement designA New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads?“I noticed some of my remodeling competitors have added a blog to their website. Would adding a blog on my website help me get more leads?” –Sam W.

More and more home improvement contractors, remodelers, renovation specialists, etc. are looking into using a blog to increase leads and new business. Is it a good idea to add (and actually use) a blog on your contracting website?

Is This A Good Sources Of New Leads For Contractors?

Before you answer the question, “is blogging a good lead source for contractors?” you must ask, “What is considered a good lead source?”

Here is the criteria I use to determine whether or not a lead source is “good.”

  • Amount of leads. Does this method provide a sufficient amount of leads? Getting one “good” lead a month is better than nothing. But, I wouldn’t say it is a good lead source.
  • Consistent flow of leads. Can you count of these leads reliably coming in? A good lead source provides a reasonably predictable flow of new business.
  • Quality of leads. Do a high percentage of them turn into actual business? Who really wants to get a “lead” that wastes your time (generating an estimate or proposal) but rarely turn into a job?
  • Cost effective leads. Do the leads provide a solid, profitable ROI? This is extremely important, unless you just like working for free (or at a loss).

As you know, there is no “perfect” lead source out there—non-stop leads that are high quality AND inexpensive. That being said, some sources get an overall higher score than others.

Note: We evaluated the pros/cons of 15 of the most popular lead sources for contractors using the above criteria. Some were pretty lousy; others were pretty good. You can download this report free by clicking on the above link or the e-book image.

A New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads? image Book 2 150x150A New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Lead …

A new effective method for getting contractor leads?

With recent changes in how Google ranks results, a new methodology known as Content or Inbound Marketing has grown in popularity, becoming a new, increasingly effective form of search engine optimization (SEO).

This new approach relates to creating fresh, relevant content on topics your prospects and customers are interested in… most often from your website’s blog.

For example, if you want to get ranked and visible for the phrase “kitchen remodeling in San Antonio” you write an article on your blog entitled “5 mistakes you must avoid when remodeling your kitchen in San Antonio.” People in San Antonio looking for options and ideas on a kitchen remodel would be very interested in that information.

A New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads? image kitched remodelingA New, Effective Way For Home Improvement Contractors To Get Leads?

A week later you write another article, “3 ways to save money on a kitchen remodel project in San Antonio.” You regularly/weekly write new content of interest to people interested in the things you offer.

Now, here is the key: the articles have to be well written, informative and of good value. Google measures how long people stay on the page, how much engagement they have, and other factors to determine if people found the article relevant and valuable for their search.

Unlike conventional SEO, that often uses content loaded with certain keywords, but doesn’t really say much, this content has to be good. I’ve read many SEO focused articles that were like eating cotton candy. You finish and think to yourself, “I read the words… but there was no real substance there!”

A. Pro: Google loves this approach. It is an excellent long-term approach. I know home improvement contractors who wrote articles 3-4 years ago that continue to get traffic to their website… for free.

B. Pro: This approach, when done properly, can get you a lot more new business by increasing your closing rate. One contractor I know was able to increase the percentage of people who choose him over his competitors from 15% (which was the industry standard) to an astounding 80%.

C. Con: This approach can potentially take a fair amount of time, energy and/or money to gain traction and see results. It has to be seen as a long-term strategy to which you are committed. You have to do it consistently (at least 3-4 times a month) for 6-18 months to see excellent results. It is not uncommon to see a blog that has 10 articles on it and then the articles abruptly stop (because the owner concludes it isn’t working). You must keep going until you reach a tipping point. Then the harvest will come.

D. Con: It isn’t as simple as consistently writing a bunch of articles. You have to select the right topics that people are searching for in the search engines. Then, you have to select the right title (keyword rich and relevant) and meta description that can get ranked AND generates curiosity for people reviewing search results (so they pick your article instead of the others)

E. Con: It doesn’t work well in some situations and with certain business types. Read here for more information on what criteria determines success with this approach.

Summary Assessment: This is an excellent way to go (if your business meets certain criteria). It can produce some high quality, cost effective leads. Some contractors I know have seen this approach replace most of their other lead generation efforts since the results have been so good.

For more information on how to use this approach effectively (or if it is even right for you), read more here. You can also contact 2nd Mile Marketing. We can assess your situation and if it is a good solution, we can show you how to make this approach work for you.

Your Turn

What has been your experience with blogging for getting leads for your contracting business? Leave a comment below how it has worked (or not worked) for you.

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