Effective Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

    By Zsolt Bicskey | Small Business

    With more than 1.1 billion users, a trillion connections, and near unlimited marketing potential, Facebook is a tool you should use more than anything for generating business. Whether you install solar panels or sell arts and crafts for a living, there is room for everyone on the world’s most popular social media website. Unfortunately, the massive crowd on the platform makes it difficult for some business to stand out. Why? Because they aren’t following these effective Facebook marketing tips.

    Effective Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business image facebook marketingEffective Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

    Driving Traffic To and From Facebook

    In essence, Facebook is the perfect tool for driving online users to your other online assets (i.e. websites, Twitter feeds, blogs, etc.). Every asset works in conjunction with one another, though Facebook has a lot more flexibility and power than the others. From your website, you can easily add social media icons that link visitors directly to your pages.

    Consider adding social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) to the top of your page where they are more visible rather than burying them under the masthead. This is proven to increase your click-through rate (CTR).

    From Facebook, people can click through your posts in their newsfeeds or directly on your page and be redirected to blog posts and websites. When you post a picture of a product or discount, for example, make sure the link works before posting so consumers are directed to the right landing page.

    Multi-Platform Advertising

    It is also useful to promote your social media accounts (especially Facebook) on print media and in email signatures. It should be incredibly easy for a person to type without having to hunt for it. It’s all about being visible and, if you’re looking for increased traffic, incentivizing shares, comments, and likes.

    Polls, drawings, user contests, and other interactive posts are incredible ways to involve your fans. Do you have a holiday buy one get one half off deal on your ecommerce site? Post a picture of the product, use a distinguishable font over it, and encourage likes and shares by having a, “Share this post for a chance to win a free XYZ.”

    These sorts of posts can, of course, become overwhelming if it is your only way to generate traffic. Keep them sparse, unique, and original or else you risk “hiding.”

    What Keeps People From Your Page

    Effective Facebook marketing tips are worthless if you don’t approach one of the critical problems of the social media platform: Appearing desperate. A lot of businesses without marketing coordinators and experts will post hundreds of irrelevant, ultra-promotional content to appear on newsfeeds as frequently as possible. The average user, however, will merely scroll through their feeds without giving your post a second glance.

    To keep things lively, here are a few tips for creating meaningful posts:

    • People love pictures. Stay away from stock photos, though, and have a designer combine high-quality images with on-image text that is easy and quick to read.
    • Tap into holidays, hashtags, and other online trends. Every smart business will have a holiday deal or coupon; why shouldn’t you? The only problem is making yours unique and powerful enough to turn heads. Combine these with hashtags for easy cross-linking to Facebook.
    • Don’t be afraid to post something “not-business related.” Your social media is an attitude and a voice for your brand. Is there something happening in the industry that bothers you? That others should know about? Post it! Enlighten your fans before someone else does.
    • Inform, intrigue, and encourage.

    Professional Posting

    Effective Facebook marketing tips include more than creating authentic posts that draw traffic to your landing pages. While these certainly help, without a plan you’ll find yourself overwhelmed, bored, and unenthused by your own social media campaign.

    Take a page from the publishing industry and create a posting schedule for every month. Is there a holiday coming up next Wednesday? Gather text, images, and links in advance to post your status the night before. Having a schedule limits over-posting, though it is important to leave room for sporadic posts that you think will draw in followers and shares.

    Effective Facebook marketing tips are only as effective as you make them. Focus on quality, consistency, and sharing information that you find interesting and entertaining.

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