Easy-to-use touchscreen computer aims to improve quality of life for older people

    By Tom | Small Business

    For many, smartphones and tablet computers are rapidly becoming the go-to devices for a number of activities, and several innovations have sought to cater for an older user base. We recently wrote about Singapore’s Silverline app suite that aims to make smartphones easier to use for elderly people, and now France-based CareSquare is a ‘digital companion’ computer that is designed with the older generation in mind, offering communication, entertainment and even help with medical issues.

    Considering that many people of a certain age have lived the majority of their lives without computers, the rapid introduction of new technologies can result in leaving this demographic behind. Slightly larger than a portable tablet, the CareSquare is a touchscreen device loaded with software that separates its functions into labelled sections, each with a button on the homescreen. The system offers a simplified email, calendar and Skype service, allowing users to keep in contact with family and stay organized. Users can read the news and play card games or chess to keep themselves entertained. While online shopping could be ideal for elderly people with less mobility, it’s not readily accessible for those who can’t use a traditional computer. CareSquare provides a friendly version for seniors, along with connections to other useful services. Finally, the computer can be used to monitor health conditions, securely manage their medical data and organize drug routines with alerts. The video below explains – in French – more about the product:

    The internet has brought convenience to many areas of life for regular users, but is still limited when it comes to those who could most benefit. How else can seniors be aided in taking advantage of new technology?

    Website: www.caresquare.com
    Contact: www.caresquare.com/nous-contacter.html

    Spotted by: Alexia M

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