Easy & Free Image Optimization

There’s a new easy to use tool that brings Photoshop image optimization quality through a cloud-based tool. By the way, it’s free too.

Photoshop has always been the go-to tool for optimizing images. But what if your work machine doesn’t have Photoshop and you are in a pinch to deliver a blog post or email marketing message with an optimized image? Here’s a free web-based tool that you can use from anywhere to quickly and easily optimize any image for the web.

The tool is called Smush.it, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Select Your Image to Optimize

Visit Smush.it and click on the ‘Uploader’ tab. This is where you will upload the image that you would like to optimize.

Easy & Free Image Optimization image 18Easy & Free Image Optimization

Smush.it also works for images that you found on the web and would like to optimize your own version using the ‘URL’ tab. This process saves you the time and disorganization of downloading the image twice.

To use the ‘URL’ process, first obtain the URL of the image that you would like to optimize. This is as easy as right-clicking the image and selecting ‘Copy image address’.

Easy & Free Image Optimization image 28Easy & Free Image Optimization

Then paste that URL into Smush.it using the ‘URL’ tab.

Easy & Free Image Optimization image 38Easy & Free Image Optimization

Step 2: Smush & Download

Clicking the ‘Smush’ button will put the compression engine to work and turn out an optimized image. The app also tells you the exact size of the image and how much it was compressed in comparison to the original.

Easy & Free Image Optimization image 48Easy & Free Image Optimization

The download file will be in a .zip format, so you will need an de-compressor on your machine to access the image. This .zip feature is convenient when running this process on a batch of files, but is a little annoying when optimizing just one image.

How does it compare to Photoshop?

I ran the exact same image through the ‘Save for Web’ compressor in Photoshop and I got the exact same results. I was a bit surprised since I expected the $650 software to outperform the free web app in some fashion. Sure, there were bells and whistles there (that I never touch) but otherwise the results were the same.

So next time you are in a pinch and find yourself without Photoshop handy, use Smush.it to optimize your images for fast downloading on the web!

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