E-Commerce Technology Enables B2B Marketers to Gain a Competitive Edge

    By Jeanne Trinh | Small Business

    E Commerce Technology Enables B2B Marketers to Gain a Competitive Edge image Fotolia 50760256 XS 300x300E Commerce Technology Enables B2B Marketers to Gain a Competitive EdgeTraditionally, the concept of online business tools and e-commerce technology fell into the hands of the CIOs and IT departments of many organizations. But what I have been observing is a gradual shift of interest and responsibility over to the marketing departments. With the hype of the “cloud,” “social,” “mobile,” and “big data”, the role of e-commerce is shifting to not only provide efficient systems, applications, and transactions, but it is fueling many organizations’ efforts to build new channels and markets.

    E-commerce is indeed making its way into many B2B marketers’ must-have tool kit, as they believe it will play a crucial role in their go-to-market approach. In a recent study, “The Emerging Role of B2B E-Commerce” completed by BtoB Magazine, it revealed that 31% of B2B marketers considered themselves “strong” or “complete” adopters of e-commerce, compared to 25% who had the same response in 2012. By 2014, 40% of B2B marketers expect to be as committed to e-commerce as a means of marketing and selling.

    So why is e-commerce becoming so important to marketing teams? There are a variety of factors that come into play. The evolution of e-commerce has allowed many businesses to reach a whole new set of buyers, generate sales leads, create awareness, differentiate their products and services from competitors, and gain market intelligence – digitally and efficiently. And since there are only a small, but increasing amount of B2B marketers who are e-commerce adopters today, this means that they have a unique competitive advantage over other businesses that have not realized and adopted this new shift. Marketers who have (or will soon) learned to use e-commerce as an effective weapon can reap benefits that will allow their businesses to attract and retain customers, improve efficiency, reduce enterprise cost, increase enterprise growth, create new products and services, and expand into new markets and geographies.

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