In Dubai, restaurant diners pay by weight

Projects such as Halfsies have been encouraging diners in the west to eat less and consider the problem of food waste for a while. Now a new restaurant opening in Dubai – Gramo – is adopting a pay-by-weight business model to raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote moderation in the growing region.

Created by Lootah Hotel Management, which owns the Al Jawhara hotels in the emirate, the restaurant is located in the Global Village area of Dubai. Customers can choose from the à la carte service as well as a buffet where the pay-by-weight model is employed. The idea is that, contrary to other all-you-can-eat style restaurants in Dubai, customers will be more careful with the amount of food they select in order to avoid paying for what they don’t end up eating. Nasser Saeed Lootah, CEO of Lootah, said: “We hope to strike a balance between offering an authentic taste of the Arabic cuisine and international menu and offering a sustainable waste management solution.”

The company hopes to open more restaurants under the Gramo brand and concept if it is successful in its aims. Could this sort of pricing model work in your country?


Spotted by: Salkiran R

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