Drones turn the crowds into mountain rescue rangers

We’ve recently seen drones repurposed to deliver food and even beer to consumers, but our latest spotting could give the devices another, more vital application – saving lives. The aeroSee project enables anyone to remotely help search and rescue missions by analyzing live images from a drone-mounted camera.

Developed by researchers at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK, the scheme uses unmanned aerial robots fitted with a camera and the facility to relay images in real-time to emergency responders. The team recently carried out trials in the Lake District, a popular spot for walkers where hundreds of people get lost, injured and even find themselves in life-threatening situations each year. The pilot harnessed web users, who could view live imagery from the drones and help search for missing persons by tagging images. The data is then sent back to emergency responders who can head to the location to look for the stranded party, while the drones are used to more thoroughly explore the area.

The project could result in quicker response times, increasing the chance of saving the lives of those who get into trouble. At the same time, search and rescue teams can remain safe by only traveling to locations where the subject has been spotted. Are there other ways that drones could be used to save lives, rather than contribute to warfare?

Website: www.aerosee.org
Contact: www.aerosee.org/contact.php

Spotted by: Murray Orange

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