Does Your Time-Off Process Date Back to the Flintstones Era?

Being the most important asset of any enterprise, the workforce, together with an HR department that caters to their HR needs in a timely fashion, can be your company’s ticket to success.

Now consider this scenario …

Gone are the days when the Human Resources department is perennially hounded by ever-mounting paperwork. From posting a job-wanted ad to hiring to on-boarding, from providing a new hire with IT credentials to tracking his time-off requests, and everything in between, the HR department has evolved from vacation request form repository to a department that fully addresses HR concerns in the most efficient manner imaginable.

Does Your Time Off Process Date Back to the Flintstones Era? image ID 10014613Does Your Time Off Process Date Back to the Flintstones Era?

Technology as we know it today

Now, before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me to (1) wake me up from what you perceive as my daydream state, my use of the phrase “fully addresses” your main concern; and/or (2) for the simple reason that your HR department’s current status is the exact opposite of what I just described, let me just point out that the scenario above can be possible.

With all the technological breakthroughs that have flooded the marketplace since the discovery of the Internet, even the impossible some years ago have been made achievable. If you haven’t already noticed, the era of Dino, Fred Flintstone’s dinosaur is long dead and gone. The only question left to address is: Which solution best answers your concerns?

Routine tasks and automation

It’s normal for an HR department to perform repetitive tasks. Tasks such as these are better left in the capable hands of an automation solution that can be tweaked whenever warranted, and without having to disrupt current workflow processes.

One example is vacation/sick leave requests. Essentially, this process can be broken down into three sequences:

  • An employee sends out a time-off request
  • The HR department (or whichever department is authorized) either approves or rejects the request
  • Once approved, the request is documented

With the right HR solution, the moment an employee has filled out a leave request, the HR department is automatically notified through e-mail, plus a new task is added to the department’s to-do list, which should make the request difficult to miss, especially if it’s of urgent nature. This way, the department doesn’t have to be bombarded with follow-up e-mails from disgruntled employees, and such.

Automation and the “barriers to entry”

Perhaps the two biggest reasons why most HR departments haven’t yet explored the possibility of employing an automation system to simplify their HR-related tasks are:

  • The software is too costly.
  • The software requires a steep learning curve.

Valid reasons, of course.

Still, with the myriad of technological choices available at your disposal, there’s always one that’s bound to fit your HR needs at a price that wouldn’t necessarily make you bleed dry. If you haven’t taken the time to check, now is perhaps the best time to look around. Because really, when addressing workforce concerns, “yabba dabba doo” just doesn’t cut it.

If you’re to start your software hunting today, you might want to check out Comindware and its 30-day free trial offer.

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