Dispose or Redeploy? 2 Options for Decommissioned IT Assets

Dispose or Redeploy? 2 Options for Decommissioned IT Assets image dispose redeploy data center itDispose or Redeploy? 2 Options for Decommissioned IT AssetsEven as modern enterprises choose to migrate some of their IT infrastructure to the cloud or consolidate onto high-efficiency servers or with virtualization technology (or both), they’re not giving up entirely on their existing data center assets. Many companies are going with a hybrid model for their IT infrastructure, incorporating cloud and virtualization elements with internal data centers. So when an IT asset’s data center function is replaced, it might still have some operational value.

If you are planning a data center consolidation or cloud migration at your organization, every time you migrate applications off a particular system, you must decide whether that system is worth more to your organization in service or on the resale market (or, it’s not worth anything, the most cost-effective way to recycle it). You should ask the following three questions for each data center asset:

1. Should the IT asset be redeployed?

Could the asset serve as a better-performing replacement for some other asset deployed in your organization? In a data center consolidation or move, is the asset still able to support the required applications? If you answered yes to those questions, will the new deployment be at a different location? Consider the costs of moving the asset and plan for packing and shipping. Also add any costs for installation at the new site, any software upgrades required, and maintenance.

2. How much is the asset worth on the resale market?

Relatively new IT equipment can be valuable on the resale market. Older equipment may be worth nothing, but it could have some operational value within an organization. But remarketing decisions should be made with an eye on the fluid market for used technology. A knowledgeable IT asset disposition partner can help you identify market trends. You should also follow best practices for packaging, storing, and handling, to ensure your assets reach the market in top shape for resale.

3. How much space does it take up?

Real estate for work and storage costs a premium. If data center hardware doesn’t have an immediately apparent use, you need to consider whether storing it for future deployment is an efficient use of space – or if you even have the space. Remember that the resale market depreciates over time (see above) – so the longer an unused asset sits on the shelf, the less it will be worth for resale.

How to get the most out of a data center project? Plan ahead

Whether you’re upgrading, consolidating, moving, or migrating a data center, you usually have to complete the project under strict deadline pressure. How can you get it done quickly without disrupting business operations, going over budget, or compromising your company’s data security? Our guide, “Cloud Migration, Data Center Consolidation, and IT Asset Disposition,” addresses the six most common areas of concern regarding decommissioned and retired data center assets and suggests strategies for planning ahead for a smooth, cost-effective transition.

Dispose or Redeploy? 2 Options for Decommissioned IT Assets image 76541c20 9600 40be 90d0 ed04bfbd93013Dispose or Redeploy? 2 Options for Decommissioned IT Assets

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