A Different Spin on a Recruitment Video

Sparefoot, based in Austin, Texas, is a startup that helps businesses and individuals find storage space for their needs in their area. Comparing prices, facilities, and locations from all over the country, it’s a comprehensive database for everyone. Looking to get the word out about their venture, they have released a promotional job recruitment video and it is hilarious as all get out.

Drawing inspiration from the short film model, this video tells a story, rather than throwing meaningless stats in your face. Following a young woman’s interview with Sparefoot, the video takes you on a documentary-esque journey all through the company from the kitchen to the boss. Comically yet seamlessly poking fun at themselves, it’s honestly a good watch.

This isn’t your average job recruitment video. Sparefoot has eliminated the tired, used up cliches that clutter the job recruitment universe. No 90′s stock film, scripted or out of context testimonials, line graphs, and certainly nothing about “synergy.” The classic recruitment video template doesn’t work as well as it used to; people know what to expect and it’s hard to stand out when you follow the rules.

But one thing Sparefoot doesn’t do is follow rules. Taking inspiration from the short film model, they’ve created an entertaining, hilarious, promotional video. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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