Diamond Leadership Series #5 Concern

Diamond Leadership Series #5 Concern image who cares1Diamond Leadership Series #5 Concern

This is the final attribute of our Diamond Leadership Series; C number 5. Concern. This is the attribute that many leaders don’t think about but ironically, this is the one that fuels all the other four C’s. It drives us to be more Competent, enables us to be more Confident, and requires us to be more Committed and Consistent in all that we do. It is our genuine Concern for the well being of our families that pushes us to be better parents, spouses, providers and protectors. It’s all leadership. Whether it’s our family, our faith, our careers or cause related; it is our genuine Concern that empowers us to excel in the other areas of leadership.

If you are not concerned about the well being of the people you are responsible for leading, then you will not be compelled to make decisions that are in their best interest. This will obviously affect the level of trust that your team has for you and thus result in an unhealthy and unproductive relationship. Building and maintaining trust should not be overlooked. The trust factor is what allows a team to go above and beyond for their leader. When people trust you, they believe that you are operating in their best interest and they are then vested in your success, because they know that it is synonymous with their success.

Lack of Concern is also easily detected. People know when you don’t care. And when you don’t care, they adopt an “I don’t care either” attitude. This of course impacts desire, effort and ultimately results. Many leaders don’t understand or account for the Concern attribute, but it is one of the key attributes that is not acknowledged often enough as a success factor, simply because it is not enough on its own to get to the winners circle. We often deceive ourselves and give stand alone credit to attributes like Competence, Confidence and Commitment as the reasons for successful leadership. Concern is one of those things that is easily taken for granted when it is present, thus does not receive its proper recognition as a success factor, however, when it is not present its not easily recognized as the missing ingredient. Simply put folks, when you’re Concerned about your team, your mission and your vision, it shows and is usually reciprocated resulting in incredible results.

Three ways your team knows that you’re Concerned about their growth and well being:

  1. Interact with them regularly. Frequency breads familiarity and familiarity breads trust.
  2. Ask them what they think. Everyone matters and everyone wants to matter. Asking their opinion reinforces to them that you care what they think.
  3. Have fun. Creating a culture that includes having fun makes work seem less like work and shows an appreciation to the teams commitment to you and to the organization. An enjoyable work environment also yields much higher productivity.

People don’t care what you know until they know you care…#NoShortcuts

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