Diamond Leadership Series #2 Confidence

Diamond Leadership Series #2 Confidence image self confidence1Diamond Leadership Series #2 Confidence

Continuing with our Diamond Leadership series and the 5 C’s of great leaders, the second C is Confidence. In addition to Competence, great leaders have to possess and display confidence. This attribute is closely connected to the first attribute of competence. If you know what you’re doing and/or intimately familiar with the mission and what it will take to win, then you will be confident in the choices you’ll need to make based on the information you’ve gathered. One of the worst things a leader can do is to be indecisive or unsure of themselves. A leaders confidence also evokes and instills confidence and faith in the team that they’re responsible for leading.

There will always be people who will question your leadership skills or the decisions that you make. You have to trust in your preparation, trust in your competency and trust in the gifts that you’ve been given that qualifies you to lead in your particular area of knowledge and expertise. You have to understand going in that there is always a price to pay that comes with effective leadership. Not everyone will agree with like the decisions that you make, but once you have gathered all the necessary intel and have made a decision, you can not waver. Great leaders stand by the right decisions regardless of whether its the popular decision. You have to know when to move, where to go and how you will get there. You are not expected to have all the answers yourself, thats why its important to have a dedicated team of competent individuals that are aware of and have bought into the vision. Lean on your team and their respective talents and gifts to inform you as part of the preparation process. The tough decisions are yours as a leader and you must display confidence at all times in your leadership ability. Fear is toxic in effective leadership and where there is fear in leadership, failure soon follows.

The key is to sustaining confidence is to always properly prepare. Whenever I have a speaking engagement, I make sure I know way more about the subject and audience than I need to know. I build up a reservoir of knowledge far beyond what I could possibly share, and that gives me the confidence that I need to over deliver. You’ll be surprised how effective you can be with when you are willing to trust yourself.

Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it….#NoShortcuts

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