Get a Detailed Insight of Your Google Play Movies Through Info Cards

‘What exactly is the Google Play info cards…???’

“What is the name of this particular actor or actress? Is he/she the one who was present in that particular horror movie?” As a viewer, you can ask such questions to yourself or to others while watching a movie on Google Play. The good news is, users can now get in-depth information about the artiste, films that are related to that artist and even the songs that are playing in the movie. For example, if you’re watching Titanic, you can get a detailed outline regarding Leonardo DeCaprio, Kate Winslet and other characters. Also, information related to songs like “My heart will go on…” sung by Celine Dion or other related movies of the artistes in the movie. The recently introduced feature in Google Search, Knowledge Graph has made it possible to get all insights regarding artistes, movies, shows and songs.

Get a Detailed Insight of Your Google Play Movies Through Info Cards image Google knowledge Graph 600x179Get a Detailed Insight of Your Google Play Movies Through Info Cards

 The facility added by Google into Google Play is known as “info cards.” This is possible by simply pressing the pause button so that pop-up cards will come up displaying information of the artistes on the screen. In order to have access of some, just tap on the face to know everything related to him/her like age, birth place, character name, recent movies, movie details, song details and much more. As soon as you resume, the cards will vanish and the movie will continue. This particular feature is being introduced in some 100 movies on Google Play with more and more additions each day. In order to download the Google Play Movies and TV apps latest version from the Google Play Store, you need to have a US based tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS or higher. Gradually it will be introduced to more devices in more countries.

Final words…

Ben Serridge, Google Play’s product manager, says, “You can tap on an actor’s face to find out more about him, like his age, birthplace, his character in the movie and his recent work, or scroll through the info cards to learn more about the movie or soundtrack.” So now if you think you do not have any clue about the actors you are viewing than you are WRONG…!!!

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