Decoding Teen Text Prattle Infographic

    By Tim Scott | Small Business

    Today most teenagers are found spending hours of time texting through iphones and tablets. With the increased use of mobile phones for texting, youngsters have also devised their own language codes which only they can understand. Some of the most commonly used codes are WTH ‘what the heck’, LOL ‘ laughing out louder’, PLS ‘ please’, BTW ‘by the way’, PTB ‘please text back’, 143 ‘I love you’, BRB ‘ be right back’, BFN ‘By for now’, PPL ‘people’, BOL ‘be on later’, B/C “because’, 2Day ‘today’, AND ‘any day now’, AFK ‘away from keyword’, K ‘Okay’ and more.

    These code words have been created by teenagers who like a mishmash letter, numbers, characters and similar. Their exclusive language of keywords is understood as well as enjoyed by them a lot. Parents must know all these code words and their need for monitoring their children will become easier.

    According to researches, 55% of teenagers text daily, 33% of teenagers text 300 messages a day, 12% teenagers send 200 messages per day and only 25% of teenagers do not have cell phones.

    Additionally, there is another study that discovers that 28% of teenagers have experienced bullying behaviors from others on their cell phones, 17% of teenagers have bulled other through their mobile phones, 49% of teenagers text messages during their school hours and 75% of teenagers use cell phones at nights when they should actually be sleeping.

    At this juncture, what measures parents usually take:

    67% of parents checks the content of their children’s phones, 62% of parents take the phone of their children away to punish them, 48% of people use others’ mobile phones to keep a track on their children, 46% of parents limit the number of minutes their children can talk over the phone.

    All these measures can lead to adverse consequences and your children might start hiding their stuff completely. This can further lead them to even dangerous results. So, now you consider spy software that can easily be installed in any phone and can track the data you want. Spy software generally monitors messages, calls, photos stored, location update and everything that you might want to know.

    Popular cell phone software can be install undetected on any phone and allow you to track its usage. Such software usually:

    • Records and tracks text messages
    • Tracks all calls
    • GPS location of the mobile phone
    • Access to the full contact list
    • Can view pictures stored in the cell phone
    • Can record and track apps usage
    • Can adjust the settings
    • Can track history
    • Can provide 24 hours support

    So, now you do not need to run after your children to control them. Keep a track over them with spy software.


    Decoding Teen Text Prattle Infographic image truspy igDecoding Teen Text Prattle Infographic

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